May 31, 2018

The Balenciaga T-shirt shirt that has the internet baffled

High fashion label Balenciaga is selling a men's indigo T-shirt shirt for £935 as part of their autumn 2018 collection.

For many it's not the price that's a big shock, it's the actual design of the item.

The top is a plain T-shirt which looks like it's had a chequered shirt pinned to the front of it.

And it's left loads of people pretty baffled.


According to the Balenciaga website, the T-shirt shirt has two wearing options that create a drape effect.

So many people have decided to recreate their own versions, saving themselves a lot of money.


People have been left with unanswered questions as to why Balenciaga thought this would be a good idea.

We've contacted the company in an attempt to solve the mystery but we've yet to get a response.