Oct 10, 2017

LG launches mosquito-repelling smartphone

These days, smartphones offer practically everything in their ever-improving features.

South-Korean manufacturer LG has recently released the world’s first mosquito repellent smartphone, which uses ultrasonic sound waves to keep the bloodsucking pests at bay.

Called the LG K7i, the innovative handheld was unveiled at the India Mobile Congress recently, and judging by early feedback, it’s set to become a best-seller in mosquito-infested countries.

While advertised as a budget smartphone with relatively unimpressive technical specs, the K7i has a very unique advantage – it features LG’s “Mosquito Away” technology which can allegedly repel mosquitoes with the help of ultrasonic sound waves.

The best thing about Mosquito Away – which has already been integrated in other LG gadgets like TV sets and air conditioners – is that it uses no chemicals and requires no refills. Instead, it pumps 30KHz ultrasonic sound waves  through a mesh speaker on the back of the phone to keep mosquitoes away. The special rear cover is bundled in the K7i smartphone kit, along with a stand for the phone, in case you want to use it specifically as a mosquito repellent in an area of your home.

But there’s also a lot of doubt regarding the K7i’s efficacy in keep mosquitoes away. According to CNN, the American Mosquito Control Association cites 10 studies in the last 15 years that have unanimously denounced ultrasonic mosquito repellents as being ineffective. “The fact is that these devices just do not work,” the association states.