Jun 26, 2017

China landslide : 90 missing

More than 90 people remain missing after a huge landslide buried homes in a village in Sichuan province, south-western China.

Thousands of rescuers were deployed after some 40 homes were destroyed in Maoxian county, in what one local man said had been an "unprecedented" event.

At least 10 bodies have been recovered, but rescuers say they do not expect to find anyone else alive.

Heavy rain is thought to have triggered the landslide, causing the top section of a mountain to loosen, sending boulders and rocks crashing down onto Xinmo village below at about 06:00 local time on Saturday (22:00 GMT on Friday).

Emergency workers and more than 3,000 volunteers dug through earth and rocks throughout Sunday, with rescue dogs scouring the debris.

State media had earlier reported that 15 bodies had been recovered, but officials at the scene said on Sunday that there were only 10 confirmed deaths.

Some people earlier reported as missing had also been found alive away from the site, the officials said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping later urged the emergency services to "spare no effort".

(Excerpts from BBC News)

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