Jul 20, 2022

WHO warns of rapidly escalating COVID-19 cases in Europe Featured

The European Region has seen a tripling of new COVID-19 cases over the past 6 weeks, with close to 3 million new cases reported last week, accounting for nearly half of all new cases globally, WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge  has said.

"While hospitalization rates due to COVID-19 have doubled in the same period, intensive care unit admissions have so far remained relatively low. However, as infection rates in older groups continue to rise, Europe is still seeing close to 3000 people die of COVID-19 every week," Dr. Kluge has said.

"These numbers paint a picture of the recent past. Looking to and preparing for the future is much more difficult, yet must be urgently tackled," he has said, adding, "Waiting for the autumn to act will be too late. "

WHO/Europe has released its autumn/winter strategy for COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses – to help prepare for the coming waves of infection.

The consistent application of the following 5 pandemic stabilizers will continue to be critical to protect people this autumn and winter: