Nov 25, 2020

Biden breaks Obama's record for most votes Featured

President-elect Joe Biden has received more than 80 million votes in his election bid more than any candidate in history.

The former vice president is on track to secure 306 electoral college votes, even as President Donald Trump continues to mount a campaign contesting the race and claim that he was actually the winner.

Biden, who has received about 6 million more votes than Trump overall, already has set a record for the highest number of votes for a winning presidential candidate, with Trump at 74 million votes also setting a record for the most for a losing candidate and most votes for a sitting president.

Biden's tally has smashed records set by former President Barack Obama's victory in 2008 with nearly 70 million votes and in 2012 with nearly 66 million votes.

The U.S. Elections Project estimates that 66.5 percent of eligible voters cast ballots this year—the highest percentage in decades.