Feb 02, 2017

Compost urinals open in Paris Featured

Two new environmentally-friendly compost urinals equipped with miniature gardens on top have opened in Paris near the Gare de Lyon station.

The hope is they will encourage men to relieve themselves more hygienically near the station, which is a notorious black spot for urinating in public.

If the scheme is successful, it will be expanded to other stations in France.

Men will relieve themselves in the open air into the front part of the urinal, and help plants grow.

The bright red urinals are fitted on top of bins containing straw and sawdust so that compost can be made.

Co-designer Laurent Lebot, told the Reuters news agency that bigger versions of his device could absorb the urine of 600 people before they needed to be emptied.

Parts of Paris have long had a reputation for smelling strongly of urine, dating back to its emergence centuries ago from swamps adjoining the river Seine.