Jul 09, 2018

Army Boxers emerge victorious

Army boxers won 08 gold medals in the Intermediate Men’s Boxing Championship conducted by the Sri Lanka Boxing Association (SLBA) on 07 at Royal MAS arena.

Army Boxers did well and defeated their opponent’s, MAS slim line and the Police club. Army boxers secured 8 Gold medals out of 10 events and emerged champions.

The Army Boxing committee, chaired by Major General Rukmal Dias, Commander, Security Forces-Central who has thrown his weight behind these gains performed very well in the past few months.

Gold Medal winners are as follows :

Sergeant R.M.P.K.K Rathnayake of 4 Vijayabaru Infantry Regiment - 60 kg

Corporal T.M.N Samaranayake of 22 Vijayabaru Infantry Regiment - 69 kg

Lance Corporal K.A.S.K Abeygunawardane of 3 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 52 kg

Lance Corporal B.A. L Sandaruwan Kumara of 2 Corps of Engineer Services - 56 kg

Lance Corporal A.D.R Abeysinghe of 16 Gajaba Regiment - 91 kg

Private E.G.M.M Jayaweera of 4 Sri Lanka Artillery - 64 kg

Private B.G.K.S Madurasinghe of 1 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment - 91 kg

Private V Nikalas - 81 kg

The Silver Medal winners are as follows;

Lance Corporal U.R.N.K Rajapaksha of 3 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 56 kg

Lance Corporal N.P. G Sanjeewa Nuwan of 8 Sri Lanka Armoured Corps - 49 kg

Lance Corporal P.A.R.S Rupasinghe of 14 Vijayabaru Infantry Regiment - 75 kg

Lance Bombardier M.M Udaya Kumara of 14 Sri Lanka Artillery - 52 kg

Private T.S Nimandi of Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps - 57 kg

The Bronze Medalists are as given below;

Corporal N Nadeeka Kumara of 1 Vijayabaru Infantry Regiment - 49 kg

Lance Corporal G.P.D.K Sameera of 5 Sri Lanka Army Service Corps - 64 kg

Lance Corporal J.A.D Sampath of 2 Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 75 kg

Private D.M.M Dasanayake of Sri Lanka Light Infantry - 56 kg

Private L.M Gunatilake of 10 Sri Lanka Artillery - 81 kg