Jun 21, 2018

Japanese fans impress by cleaning up after match (Video)

After any sports event, stadiums are littered with food remains, food packaging and other trash.

Japanese football fans have inspired millions globalwide by being responsible for their own trash, even after winning a heated World Cup match.

Japanese fans certainly had enough reason to go wild on Tuesday night as their side won their opening game, beating Colombia 2-1, and securing the team's first victory against a South American side.

But afterwards, supporters of the "Samurai Blue" also did their share of sweeping: meticulously cleaning up their rows and seats in the stadium, equipped with large rubbish bags.

Their actions are being lauded worldwide in social media.

Cleaning up is a part of Japanese culture which is drilled into citizens since childhood. Over time, this becomes a habit, with cleanliness and recycling becoming an integral part of their lives.