Sep 23, 2017

Two cricket clubs initiate legal action! Featured

The Cricket Board had accused the Panadura sports club and Kalutara PCC club and players of both clubs of match fixing in order to obtain the bonus points in the first division cricket match and punishment given to both clubs and its players, has now got the Cricket Board in a loop.

A special commission was appointed and after seven months of investigations and based on their recommendations, both clubs were fined Rs. 500,000 each, while the players were banned from playing for one year and the two captains were imposed bans of two years each. The points obtained by the clubs were also nullified.

However both clubs claim that the investigations by the commission comprising an attorney as well was one sided while both clubs have decided to challenge the judgement in Court.

The investigations were commenced based on a complaint made by the Port Authority sports club while no verbal or written evidence of any of the players concerned were obtained.

Officials of both clubs allege that the report by the two umpires and match referee during the match had also been altered based on the whims of a certain high ranking official of the Cricket Board.

Meanwhile, both teams allege that while they had complained about the Port Authority and Kurunegala Sports Club match, but that complaint was cast aside. Further it is the view of both teams that the dismissal of the Colts players for as little as 32 runs is highly suspicious as the team comprises players of the Sri Lanka test team.

Cricket Board workers had also said that this high ranking official had been bragging that these two clubs would be fined and punished even before the investigations were completed and it is suspected that this official was acting on the instructions of Arjuna Ranatunge who was in charge of the Port Authority.

This official is known for his controversial and partial behaviour with the aim of gaining popularity among the clubs, but his actions have in fact gained his much disrepute and is loathed by many clubs.

He is also facing allegations of undue interference into every section under his purview and is known for his preferential treatment of officials of a certain popular sports club.

The sports committee which earlier acted on the advice of this official, forced the Sebestianites sports club and the Negombo Sports club to seek legal action and the one day tournament was held under the label of district associations last year misleading the Courts as well.

As a result, the players who participated in this tournament could not gain prominence.

However, players are worried that if Panadura sports club and Kalutara PCC sports club initiates legal action and obtains an injunction order, the first class 2017/18 tournament scheduled to commence in October  might be suspended.