Aug 10, 2017

Best fielder establishes sports shop

Sri Lanka’s one time bowler and fielder who later tuned bowling coach, Upul Chandana, has tried his hand at a new venture.

Having joined the Sri Lanka team in 1992 as a spin bowler, has now ventured into the sports equipment sales profession.

His new sports goods shop is located in close proximity to the NCC in Colombo.

In addition to cricket gear, the shop also has a host of other sporting equipment.

Setting up a sports shop had been a childhood dream of his, which was prompted by his experiences faced while he was in Galle.

Explaining his experience he said, “When we used to play cricket in Galle we had to play with one ball for over a month. While the main reason was that at the time we did not have the money, but also because there was no proper shop that had good sports goods for sale. Once when I took the ball that we were playing with to my hand, it was almost about to fall apart. That day I thought to myself that one day I would set up a good sports shop,” he said.