Jun 24, 2017

Cricket coach scoots off

The Sri Lankan cricket team Coach Graham Ford has discreetly left the country and headed back to South Africa even before completion of his four year contract period.

The current Fielding Coach of the Sri Lankan team, Nic Pothas has been appointed to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Ford and will function as the Intermediate coach for the upcoming Zimbabwe tour.

A SL Cricket official speaking on condition of anonymity said it was unlikely that Ford would return to take on his position. “He had not handed in his resignation as he has not responded to our telephone calls nor the emails,” he added.

Conflicts with Team Manager Asanka

In a letter to the Cricket Board prior to the match against India, Ford had informed them that there were conflicts between him and Team Manager Asanka Gurusinghe.

In response SL Cricket had informed him that they were unwilling to alter the policies pertaining to the appointment of a manager to the team.

They had also notified Ford that as his contract was signed until 2019 World Cup series and requested him to remain until the end of his contract.

Upon returning to the country after the completion of the Champions Trophy, Ford had held several discussions with the Cricket Board, but had later left the country without notifying anyone.