Jul 30, 2022

Arrangements made to send junior athletes to Columbia (Update)

Former Sports Minister - Harin Fernando has Tweeted that he and the current Sports minister - Roshan Ranasinghe had 'with great difficulty made arrangements' ensuring that the Junior Athletics team reached Columbia on time for the World Athletics Junior Championship.
Social media was in uproar after reports emerged that the Junior Athletics team wasn't able to depart for the Championship last night (29) as scheduled because the officials of the Athletic Association had failed to provide tickets.
Sports journalist - Anjana Kaluarachchi had later Tweeted that 04 athletes are set to fly tonight with the rest to follow tomorrow (31).
(Updated at 2022 July 30 10.00pm)

Junior Athletes miss tournament due to officials' negligence

The Sri Lanka Junior Athletics team has not able to travel to World Athletics Junior Championship in Cali, Colombia as scheduled as officials had failed provide them with Air Tickets on time.

7 athletes who were selected 1.5 months ago, were set to compete in the tournament.

The Sports ministry had provided them financial provisions and necessary permission, the Athletics Association had been tasked with the ticketing process.

They were to leave last night (29). However, due to the blunder of the  Athletics Association, these budding athletes have lost their chance of competing in the Championship.

The team and their parents had stayed at Torrington overnight, protesting and demanding justice.

The Minister of Sports had issued a statement, expressing his regret over the incident. However, dialogue on social media point out that this does not bring back the opportunity these athletes had lost.