Apr 28, 2017

Mahela's heart beats for bowlers

Ace cricketer and former Sri Lankan captain - Mahela Jayawardene has revealed that he feels changes in bat size are needed.

He has made the following sentiments during an interview with 'Bangalore Mirror'.

Excerpts :

Has batting changed? There are more power-hitters like Kieron Pollard than stroke players like you.
The game needs to evolve and you need all kinds of players. If you saw the way Rohit (Sharma) played yesterday, he was all grace. Different players have different approaches. There has to be balance between those styles. I am very delighted the way the game has evolved, especially in the area of fitness. It should evolve more going forward.

So are you comfortable with changes in bat specifications?
Yes. I was one of the persons on the ICC panel to recommend this. It is because the ball has not changed over the years but other things have, the boundaries are getting smaller, the wickets are getting flatter. Then you take into account the rules — the wide ball rule, the no-ball rule, power plays, etc. All are in favour of the batsmen. In that context, if you have bigger bats, it is not fair. Anyway the batsmen are fitter and stronger. There has to be a balance between the bat and ball.

So your heart beats for the bowlers…
Sure, it does. It’s a rare breed the bowlers in the modern day cricket. That said, their skills have improved, the execution is better. I still feel if you have spicy wicket, the bowlers will have the upper hand. It balances out a little bit that the batsman has only one chance while the bowler has many. But still, bowling is a tough job.

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