Apr 27, 2017

Emotional Dilantha pays tribute to fans (Pics)

Sri Lanka’s ace racer - Dilantha Malagamuwa has paid an emotional tribute to the massive support he had got from the Sri Lankan community in Italy while racing in Monza.

In a Facebook post he has said thousands of Sri Lankans came to the circuit with flags and their cheers brought tears to his eyes.

‘We finished 1st in Race 1 and 2nd in Race 2 at Monza. It was unbelievable as thousands of Sri Lankans living in Italy came to the Circuit with flags. Before the start of the race I could here every one saying Sri Lanka Sri Lanka I was crying inside the car with pride. The whole Circuit was filled with Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan flags. As I always say Sri Lankans are the most patriotic people in the world and a great Nation living with Pride. I am one of the most happiest person in the world. Proud to be a Sri Lankan. Thank you so much all Sri Lankans living in Italy you made history.’

Check out his post on Facebook and photos.


Dilanthamalagamuwafb 1

Dilanthamalagamuwafb 3

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Dilanthamalagamuwafb 2