Apr 27, 2017

Sugath Tilakaratne dodged signing internal audit report Featured

President of the Sri Lanka Athletic Association Sugath Tilakaratne had avoided placing his signature on the internal audit report of the institution, SLAA sources say.

The report was due to be handed over to the auditor general’s department on April 24.

The document was taken to Mahinda Rajapaksa stadium, where the junior athletics meet was taking place, but he had made no appearance there.

He could not be reached over the phone either.

SLAA officials expected him to be present at the meet’s awards presentation on the following day and took the report there for his signature, but there too, they were disappointed.

However, Tilakaratne had stopped his vehicle some distance away from the stadium, got a friend to bring the report to him, signed it and left.

All these are said to be part of his attempts to prevent the election of office bearers of the SLAA from taking place, on May 08.

At the junior athletics meet, two schedules had been prepared and by the time some athletes arrived at the stadium, their events had already taken place.

The deputy secretary should be responsible for the junior athletics meet, but he was not present there on a single day.