Apr 18, 2017

Ford nearing the end of his stint?

Sri Lanka coach Graham Ford could be nearing the end of his stint, Sidath Wettimuny has intimated after observing the coach being overshadowed by the newly-appointed cricket manager Asanka Gurusinha during the recent series against Bangladesh.

"I see some worrying signs now," Wettimuny told Sri Lanka's Sunday Times. "I have the greatest respect for Asanka Gurusinha as a batsman [but] I was at the Dambulla match and I see him in the middle of the ground talking to Sanath Jayasuriya and two players. I did not see the coach anywhere! I see a problem there.

"You see, you got a coach and you got a cricket manager, I do not know whether the functions of these two are defined clearly. The way I see it — I am just guessing — Graham Ford won't last long. He is going to be an unhappy man, if he is going to see somebody else taking cricketing decisions."

So where are we going? Is that the right way ahead? You can’t do patchwork and develop our game. You need to have proper concrete plans. You must know why we are doing certain things. So I see worrying signs.”

Yet, the accepted norms in cricket administration have to be followed – we observed. Then, if the system is wrong, what is the solution, we asked Sidath Wettimuny. He said, “The situation is getting bleaker and bleaker. In my opinion, we have to revamp our cricket system completely. At times, I wish, like what happened in India, the Supreme Court or, whatever getting involved. We only could wish if the President and the Prime Minister would realise that this is the only thing that held our people together. Done so much during times of strife, wars and everything; we stood out as a nation and did wonders in cricket. They should not let this fall.”

(Excerpts from Sunday Times and Cricinfo)
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