Apr 10, 2017

FFSL misused Rs. 40m

The Financial Criminal Investigation Division (FCID) has initiated investigations on financial malpractices at the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) during the days of the last regime.

According to reports, the misuse of over Rs. 40 m at the FFSL is being investigated in this manner.

The FCID has received a complaint that the FFSL has misused Euro 40,400 (around Rs. 07 million) from the Italian Football Federation, Euro 60,000 (around Rs. 10 million) from the Asian Football Federation and tsunami relief funds amounting to US$ 200,000 (around Rs. 25.5 million).

The FFSL is also accused of not maintaining their accounting activities properly.

In addition to the FCID probe, the COPE too has issued a report on this regard after conducting a probe on August 09, 2016.