Feb 23, 2021

Cricket team selection loses credibility due to Namal's arbitrary decision? Featured

According to the Sports Act of Sri Lanka, only a National Selection Committee appointed by the Minister of Sports is empowered to to select any national team to represent the country.

Accordingly, by appointing the squad for the West Indies tour by two persons who lacked this authority, has led to the current selection losing its credibility, critics say.

The Act further says that any national team should receive the written approval of the sports minister 21 days before departure.

It is said that both these provisions in the Sports Act have been violated in selecting the Sri Lankan cricket squad for the West Indies tour.

Following the recent resignation of Sri Lanka Cricket selection committee and its chairman - Asantha de Mel, the minister is yet to appoint a fresh selection committee and two former members of the committee were brought in to select the squad. 

Also, the approval of the Sports minister had been obtained just two days before the departure of the squad.

Meanwhile, it is said that naming the team for each match too, has become an issue. 

Usually, during a foreign tour, this task is undertaken by a selection committee member who joins the tour but this is not possible during the West Indies tour as no selectors are present to accompanying the team.

Also, online media reports have claimed that the tour is being played by a team selected in an unproper manner.