Oct 10, 2020

Reshika appointed to IOC top post

Former Sri Lankan Olympic Games swimmer Reshika Udugampola, has been appointed to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC’s) Marketing Sub-Committee as the nominee from the South Asian Region.

Reshika, who is also the Secretary of the National Olympic Committee’s (NOC’s) Athletic Commission, was part of the Sri Lankan contingent for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The 26-year-old former schoolgirl from Southlands College, Galle and Gateway College, welcomed her appointment and vowed to make the maximum from this great opportunity.

“This is a golden opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge and to familiarise myself with the IOC mechanics furthermore,” she elaborated.

“In this manner, I could reciprocate by guiding the next line of Sri Lankan athletes and that could help one of them to win an Olympic Games Gold Medal in the future,” she added.

Reshika is currently a full time marketer attached to an international IT firm.

(Daily News)