Sep 28, 2020

Olympic torch relay start date announced Featured

The coronavirus pandemic put a halt to thousands of events worldwide in 2020, including the Olympic Games. Organisers were days away from the start of the famous torch relay when authorities announced a postponement to the games.

Now, officials say the torch relay will begin on 25 March 2021. Under the slogan "Hope Lights Our Way", the flame will start in the Fukushima region - site of the 2011 nuclear disaster - and travel to all 47 prefectures in Japan.

"In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will additionally symbolise the light at the end of the dark tunnel; a beacon of hope for the world," a statement read.

The new games are set to begin on 23 July 2021. Japan’s Olympics minister has said the rearranged event must go ahead "at any cost", as they look at way to best deal with Covid-19.

Tokyo 2020 chief executive Toshiro Muto has already said the Games will be "simplified" and "not be done with grand splendour".

(BBC News)