Aug 21, 2020

Appointments given by Namal, questionable? Featured

Questions have arisen as to whether certain appointments made by Cabinet Minister Namal Rajapaksa recently are actually falling in the subject are under the purview of Thenuka Vidanagamage, the State Minister of Rural and School Sports Infrastructure Promotion.

This also raises doubts on the validity of these appointments.

According to the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2187/27 dated on Aug. 09, 2020, the National Sports Council falls under the institutional and legal framework of the Rural and School Sports Infrastructure Promotion State ministry.

In addition, the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority, the Sports Medicine Institute and the Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency also fall under the institutional and legal framework of the same state ministry.

The institutional and legal Framework of the Cabinet ministry of Youth and Sports headed by Namal Rajapaksa only includes the Department of Sports Development, Sri Lanka Cricket, National Youth Services Council, National Youth Corps, Sri Lanka National Youth Services Co-operative Society (NYSCO), National Center for Leadership Development, Department of Manpower and Employment and Smart Sri Lanka Career Guidance Centre.

However, it is reported that the inclusion of Sri Lanka Cricket was later amended as it is an independent body which cannot be placed under the Ministry of Sports.