Aug 11, 2020

SLC could face ICC ban over subject allocation blunder? Featured

Sources from the sports field say that Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) could face an international ban.

This is due to SLC being named under the Ministry of Sports in a gazette notification issued yesterday (10), which announced the division of subjects falling under ministries.

To be a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), it is crucial for the local cricket authority board to remain as an independent institution. In the event of such an acquisition, the Ministry of Sports will have full control over it.

Experts say such a takeover usually takes place only when it is necessary to appoint an interim committee, but this time it might have been the result of ignorance or negligence of the government while allocating ministries and subjects.

SLC is currently only one of the 68 sports collectives registered with the Ministry of Sports and is directly affiliated with the ICC.

Its main source of income is through participating in ICC tournaments, which would be only possible if the local board abides by the rules and regulations of the ICC.

Therefore, if the SLC is taken under by the ministry of Sports, it could trigger issues with regard to the ICC membership as the independence of the local cricket board is among the forefront of the ICC's legal requirements.

If the board is not independent or comes under constant political interference, it could result in losing the ICC membership, just like what happened to Zimbabwe last year.