Jan 31, 2017

Three couples in Sri Lanka Cricket Featured

Sri Lanka Cricket is presently employing three husband-wife combinations – Hashan and Apsari Tilakaratne, Buwaneka and Eranga Randeniya, and Chandima and Daksha Mapatuna.

Hashan is the batting consultant (provincial), while his wife is the women’s team in charge.

Head of international cricket Chandima’s wife Daksha is in charge of insurance affairs of SLC.

Nearly Rs. 500,000 is being paid to both these couples.

Daksha reportedly intervenes in disputes in cricket administration and ensures that all insurance work of SLC goes to Union Assurance.

Her close friendship with executive committee member Eric Upashantha is another reason that Union Assurance gets all the insurance work.

Buwaneka is the assistant manager of R. Premadasa Stadium, while his wife Eranga works at SLC’s accounts division.

Their payments are not that high, when compared to the others, SLC sources add.