Oct 25, 2019

Request to audit Schools Cricket Association Featured

While it’s been two months since the commencement of the 2020 Under 19 Cricket Tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Association, the cricket balls sponsored by the SLC has still not been provided, it is reported.

Due to this situation, the schools are said to be using various types of balls  for third term matches and reportedly even the school cricket authorities are not interested in addressing this issue.

The President of the Schools Cricket Association is also a member of the SLC Executive Committee. The Schools Cricket officials are in a tug of war and even the Singer awards ceremony has not been held in two years.

The Schools Cricket Association Secretary is currently on a tour to Bangladesh with the Under 19 team, while the Treasurer is expected to join the tour of West Indies for the Under 19 tournament and the President of the Association is scheduled to attend the Youth World Cup next year.

Hundreds of thousands of the funds from sponsors received to the Association has been utilized for legal fees to deal with the cases filed against the Association.

Meanwhile, some of the officials of several schools are preparing to request the Education Ministry to conduct an audit of the Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Association.