Oct 21, 2019

Compulsory for senior players to participate in 2 Pakistan tests Featured

The two test matches between Sri Lanka and Pakistan has been planned to be held at Karachi and Rawalpindi.

It is reported that Sri Lanka Cricket has notified all players that it is compulsory for senior players to participate in this tour.

According to SLC internal sources, disciplinary action would be taken against players who are unwilling to participate in this tour.

As Pakistan has provided adequate security for the matches, Pakistan has invited Sri Lanka to play the two ICC test matches in Pakistan.

As SLC has signed contracts with the Sri Lankan cricketers, they are required to participate in international matches as scheduled.

Further, as these Sri Lankan cricketers are contracted by the SLC, they are required to obtain permission to attend any other premier league matches anywhere else.

Without this no objection certificate issued to players by SLC, none of the contracted players could participate in any of the foreign tournaments. Therefore, if any of the contracted players are not willing to participate in the Pakistan tour, the SLC has taken a decision not to issue such certificates.

Expressing his views to the media, SLC Chairman Shammi Silva said that they would support the tournament to be held in Pakistan with the support of the senior players.

Prior to the Pakistan Twenty20 tour, the players were consulted before nominating the team. However, this time there would be no consultation of the players.

Once the team has been named by SLC and the approval of the Sports Minister is obtained, the players would have to prepare for the tour.

In the event the Sri Lanka-Pakistan tournament is not held in Pakistan and has to be held in the UAE, then both countries would have to bear the cost of the tournament, Pakistan Cricket Board has stated.

As Pakistan is hosting this tournament, it has to bear the costs of the tournament to be held in Karachi and Lahore.

During the ICC conference in Dubai last week, the Pakistan Cricket Board officials CEO Wasim Khan and Chairman Eshan Mani had discussed this tournament at length with the Sri Lankan cricket officials.