Sep 26, 2019

Another tender scam at Sugathadasa! Featured

Tenders had been called for the construction of a roof for the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium swimming pool and despite having received a bid for a lower value, it is alleged that the Sugathadasa authorities had distorted the tender application to avoid giving it to the lowest bidder.

The company which bid the lowest, ‘Kavindu Builders’ had complained regarding this matter on 12-09-2019 to the Sports Ministry Secretary and the Secretary had called for explanation from the Sugathadasa management regarding this matter.

In such tenders, the main tender document and a set of copies is presented and the aggrieved company complained that despite having presented duly completed tender documents, what has been presented for the procurement
process is a document with shortcomings.

They allege that the documents they submitted has been distorted and they had taken measures to grant the tender to the second bidder.

In their complaint, the aggrieved party had accused the procurement committee of acting against the tender procedure, adding that this is a deliberate violation of the tender process by the Sugathadasa management which amounts to the misappropriation of government funds.

The complainant has taken steps to submit a copy of the letter to the Bribery Commission and the Procurement Commission.