Sep 06, 2019

Unplanned Cricket university costing 1200 million Featured

Sri Lanka Cricket Board has taken a decision to set up a Cricket university at an estimated cost of Rs. 1200 million but, Rs. 30 million has already been spend despite not having a proper plan.

Details of this project was revealed based on the CoPE Committee Chairman Sunil Handunnetti and others questioning the SLC officials.

It was revealed that the land tom establish the Cricket University had been purchased from the Kandy Asgiri Viharaya.

The CoPE revealed that while the main purpose of a university is to conduct workshops for coaches, grounds men and cricket related international courses. However, estimates have been drown up for Rs. 1200 million for this project without even having pre-planned the required subjects to be included in the university course structure.

Rs. 25 million has been paid for the purchase of this land, but so far not a single foundation has been laid. The Cricket officials had notified the CoPE Committee that while Rs. 50 million had to be paid for the land, the Asgiriya Mahanayake had refused the balance Rs. 25 million.