Jul 22, 2019

President from Kalutara to meet leadership shortage! Featured

At a stage when there is a dearth of national leaders, the opportunity has arisen to appoint a President from Kalutara, said the General Secretary of the Sihala Ravaya Magalkande Sudantha Thera.

He was addressing a religious ceremony organised by the Rajitha Senaratne Foundation yesterday.

During his sermon Sudantha Thera further said, “

The Health Minister has the blessings of the Maha Sangha. Even though a Prime Minister from Kalutara had ruled the country there has not been a President from this region. Therefore, we now have the opportunity to elect
a President from Kalutara. There is a dearth of national leaders in this country and the people of Kalutara have been given the opportunity to take this opportunity to elect a president from Kalutara. Hence, it is a timely
need for all to unite.”

Ven. Sudantha Thera noted that this is an era where the Sambuddha Sasanaya is under threat and called for the protection of the Samanera Bikkhus. However, he admitted that there are monks who are not right or good.
“Recently a certain Minister had criticised the Bikkhus’through the media. We met with these monks and the relevant minister and notified them of the current situation. In fact we asked that a dialogue be initiated to reveal
these wrong doing monks instead of blaming the entire Bikkhu community. We hope that Minister Rajitha Senaratne is observing this situation optimistically,” he said.

The Any-Nayake Dhurandara Most Ven. Dediyawela Thillakasiri Thera and the Maha Sangha, the Health Minister and his Private Secretary Dr. Sujatha Senaratne and many others were present on this occasion.

An Alms was presented to 100 Bhikkus and the monks were escorted to the Kalutara temple in a colourful procession.