Jul 05, 2019

Over 33 million due by Sony for telecast rights missing Featured

It is an issue for concern as to what happened to the over Rs. 33 million which was due to be paid to Sri Lanka by Sony for telecast rights of the Sri Lanka tour to the West Indies.

This was revealed by a letter sent by Sony Pictures Networks India (Pvt) Ltd which owns the telecasting rights, in response to a letter sent by Sri Lanka Cricket Secretary Mohan Silva.

It has also been revealed that claims that SLC had come under cyber attack is also false.

The letter was sent to Sony Pictures Networks on May 03rd regarding SLC not receiving the Rs. 33 million from them.

In the letter he had said that the relevant company had violated the existing agreement and so far that the money had not been paid to SLC.

However, Sony had responded sternly to these allegations. It said that Sony had fulfilled their obligation according to the specifications of the SLC Financial head and paid the said money.

They had said that the invoices for the payment bearing the signatures of the SLC officials responsible under their letter heads, had also been received by them.

The response also charges that through the letter sent to them by the SLC Secretary, they are attempting to blame Sony for the fraud committed by the SLC officials.

Therefore, Sony has threatened to take action against SLC if the letter accusing them was not withdrawn.

Therefore, currently there are questions being raised by the cricket circles as to what happened to the Rs. 33 million paid to SLC?, to whose account was the money credited to? Who gave instructions to credit the money to another account? And why are the SLC officials trying to hide their mistake and blame another party?