Jun 19, 2019

Ending the monopoly badminton election to be held on 21st Featured

The badminton elections, which has been postponed several times, is finally to be held on June 21st.

The election of officials to the Badminton administration board, which was scheduled to be held last year had been delayed due to a group challenging it in court. Subsequently, an interim committee was appointed and for over 1 ½ years it aimlessly functioned, while the interim committee president had been monopolising the badminton administration.

Due to his high handed actions, several of the interim committee members had resigned.

Meanwhile, he also attended the Olympic Committee elections, disregarding the orders of the Sports Minister and obtained a position by voting for the winning party.

During this period the standard of badminton in the country deteriorated and many of the players suffered various forms of mistreatment and injustice.

Although the Sports Ministry took measures to hold the Badminton elections soon, this interim committee president would find some excuse to delay the elections.

He had forcibly participated in the Asian Badminton Association meeting held concurrent to the Sudhirman Trophy championships and even contested for the post of deputy president. However, he lost the election along with Sri Lanka’s voting rights of the Asian Badminton Association.

He has even tried to take away the voting rights of several affiliated organisation who are not in his favour, but the Sports Minister had intervened and foiled his attempts.