Jan 15, 2017

Thilanga grants promised cricket stadium for Polonnaruwa Featured

A fully-fledged stadium will be built at Hingurakgoda in Polonnaruwa at a cost of Rs. 60 million, said Sri Lanka Cricket president, deputy speaker Thilanga Sumathipala.

Thilanga yesterday (14) inspected the 45-acre block of land at the state-owned farm there.

Thereafter, he had a discussion with officials of the Polonnaruwa district cricket association at CIC Hotel auditorium.

He said he would be fulfilling a promise he had given in 1998 as the cricket chief then to build a stadium for Polonnaruwa.

He recalled that at the time the head of the district cricket association was incumbent president Maithripala Sirsiena, who requested a cricket stadium for Polonnaruwa.

Mr. Sirisena, as the then Mahaweli minister, allocated 15 acres from the farm, Thilanga said, adding however, the project did not proceed after he left the position.

He is back as the cricket chief and now, there are also a 45-acre land and the money to build the stadium, he added.

(pictures: W.A. Piyatilake)

 Land for the proposed stadium

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Thilanga & others inspecting the land

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Inspecting the stadium’s plan

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Thilanga distributing sports equipment

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Deputy speaker & SLC president Thilanga Sumathipala

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Occasion of the meeting

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