Apr 18, 2019

Shammi appeals to Malinga to think of country first! Featured

The Chairman of SLC Shammi Silva has said that although Lasith Malinga is a world class player, he has been unable to be a good captain.

He said this at a media briefing held at Sri Lanka Cricket Board.

He said, “Malinga is a world class player but sometimes they cannot be good captains. On the other hand some good captains are unable to become world class players.

Malinga is a very good player, but he lost 13 matches. I hope Malinga would put the country before him and play. If Malinga retires, we still have many good players. We have given him the opportunity to play until the IPL concludes.

If Malinga suffers an injury we will have to replace him with another player. However, we urge him to think of the country first and play.

Lasith Malinga plays for the country and he will definitely give challenge.”