Mar 31, 2019

“HUTCH Sri Lanka Super Series 2019” launched

The much awaited “Sri Lanka Super Series” is back. Three Gravel Events, two Tarmac Events and a Hill Climb will revolutionize the Motor Racing calendar in Sri Lanka.

A media conference announcing the launch of the 2019 Championship was held on Thursday 28thMarch 2019 at the DIMO 800 Auditoriumin the presence of dignitaries of the Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Navyand with the participation of Officials and Members of the Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers And Riders (SLARDAR), Asian Motor Racing Club (AMRC), Colombo Motor Sports Club (CMSC), the Title Sponsor, Hutchison Telecommunications and Co-Sponsors, Stafford Motors – HONDA; McLarens Lubricants - MOBIL and Promowatch. The culmination of the Series will see the Best Driver and Rider with the best performance throughout the Competition awarded a Honda Motorbike courtesy of Stafford Motors.

Eight Racing Events of the glamorous ‘HUTCH Sri Lanka Super Series 2019’will include the Fox Hill Supercross, Kanway Circuit Meet Meerigama, Cavalry Supercross, Commando Challenge Supercross, Katukurunda Circuit Meet, Colombo Super Cross and St. James Hill Climb. The ‘Hutch Sri Lanka Super Series’ Grand Awards Ceremony is scheduled to take place in December 2019.

However, despite the enthusiasm shown, Motor Sports fansand competitors express their disappointment over the politically motivated suspension of Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR), and wrongful decision given by the Sri Lanka Automobile Sports (SLAS), which led to some Sponsors to back out from Motor Racing, resulting in the inability of the Organizers to provide the two cars for the two Champions, which was given over the last few years.

Thearbitrary action of SLARDAR’s suspension was challenged in Courts and an order was given to remove the suspension. Hence, SLARDAR is back in the driving seat to complete its activities as usual.

The Title Sponsor for 2019 continues to be Hutchison Telecommunications and the series is held in partnership with the Asian Motor Racing Club (AMRC) and Colombo Motor Sports Club (CMSC).

Honda 1- Make is also a unique aspect of the Hutch Sri Lanka Super Series. This is a Novice’s Event for aspiring riders with dreams of stepping into the field of motorbike racing, sponsored exclusively by Stafford Motors Honda. The Sponsorship of Honda generously contributes over 16 well-maintained bikes for the Series, which will be given to several participants of the Honda 1 – Make for them to ride during the event.

Speaking at the official launch, Kamil Hussain – President of SLARDAR stated that they are glad to be back in action after months of struggles to protect what we all love. “SLARDAR has always been instrumental in taking Sri Lankan Motor Racingto new heights but it is very unfortunate and a setback to the Sport that petty politics and personal agenda’s ruined the grand scale of the planned 2019 Championship Awards. We humbly thank our Title Sponsor, Hutchison Telecommunications and Stafford Motors Honda for supporting us throughout the Series.“

Dinesh Jayawardana - President of AMRC commented, “I am proud to state that we have been able to successfully overcome the challenges that were faced. Both, AMRC and CMSC will work closely with SLARDAR, as always, to ensure Motorsports in Sri Lanka is taken to international levels. The country has produced some international level drivers and riders, who have proudly waved the Sri Lankan flag at international podiums, but these were all done on their own accord. It is time Sri Lankan Sports puts asidepersonal agendas and petty politics and focus on developing great sports persons, with all eyes on international wins.

Several distinguished guests graced the occasion, including Senior Officers of the Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Navy whoprovide their race tracks, and have worked tirelessly to make Motor Racing in Sri Lankaa success.A large number of Drivers and Riders participated and extended their valuable support to the ‘Hutch Sri Lanka Super Series’.