Mar 28, 2019

Investigation on Kandy withdrawal from Clifford Cup Featured

Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) has decided to conduct an investigation on the withdrawal of Kandy Sports Club, the defending champions, from 2019 Clifford Cup knockout rugby competition.

Kandy Sports Club decided to refrain from participating following Sri Lanka Rugby’s refusal to accede to their request to play their matches at Nittawela. As a result Air Force who was to meet Kandy in the first game got a walk over.

Accordingly a committee consisting of Dr. Maiya Gunasekara ,Mr.Noel Wijeratne and Mr. Hafeel Maso has been appointed by SLR to conduct the investigation.

Commenting on the matter Deputy President of SLR and Tournament Committee Chairman Rizly Ilyas has stated that tournament schedule is prepared following the agreement of the teams to participate and pulling out from the tournament after that cannot be accepted.