Jul 04, 2017

Best iPhone photos of 2017

The winners of the 2017 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) were announced, after close scrutiny of thousands of entries submitted from over 140 countries.

Apart from the prestigious titles, certificates, and mentions, awarded to the winners, participants also competed for gold and palladium bars “from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world.”

This year’s Grand Prize Winner of Photographer of the Year was Sebastiano Tomada from Brooklyn, New York for his photograph, “Children of Qayyarah”, taken on his iPhone 6s.

“Children roam the streets in Qayyarah near the fire and smoke billowing from oil wells, set ablaze by ISIS militants,” the photo’s caption reads.


First Place for Photographer of the Year went to Cork, Ireland’s Brendan O Se for his photo, “Dock Worker”, of a dockworker in Jakarta, also taken with a 6s.5953d39017000020001032e7

Second Place for Photographer of the Year went to Singapore’s Yeow-Kwang Yeo for “The Performer”, an image of a street opera performer taking a break, taken with a 6 Plus

Third Place went to Kuanglong Zhang in Shenzhen, China for the iPhone 7 photo, “The City Palace”, an image of a staff member taking in the view from Udaipur’s City Palace

Nick Trombola of Pittsburgh, PA USA won 1st Place in the Lifestyle segment.

YuMing Guan of Guangdong, China won the 2nd Place in the Lifestyle segment for his picture of this beautiful small town of Santorini. Tourists from around the globe gathered at the cliff to see the breathtaking sunset that is known as one of the Greatest Views in the World.

Chung Hung of Taipei, Taiwan won 3rd Place for this picture in the Lifestyle segment

Nick Trombola of Pittsburg PA, United States won the 1st Place in the Panorama segment


Andrew McCausland of Abbotsford BC, Canada won 2nd Place in the Panorama segment.

Brian Marchuck of Lancaster PA, United States won 3rd Place in the Panorama segment. The photo is called, Rain Over the Reds.


Uan Carlos Castañeda from Astoria NY, United States won 1st Place in the segment The America I Know.


This picture under the theme the America I know, was taken by Davis Bell of Los Angeles CA, United States

Maria K. Pianu from Pordenone, Italy won 3rd Place for this picture under the category the America I Know.

Under the theme News/ Events Samuel Nacar from Albacete, Spain won the 1st Place for his picture of the nomads of Europe.


Thea Mihu from Sibiu, Romania won 2nd Place under the theme News/Events for this picture taken during anti-corruption protests in Romania.


Xirui Huang from Hunan, China won 3rd Place under the News/Events category for this picture taken during the clashes between Turkish Government forces and PKK militants at the old district Sur, Diyarbakir.