Jun 03, 2017

Show stopping wedding cakes

A show stopping wedding cake has become a necessity at most lavish weddings.

If you think you have seen lavish wedding cake structures, check out these.

These lavish fairytale-inspired creations, stand up to several-metres in height.

Edible fairytale castles, a nine-tiered Japanese pagoda and an intricately decorated cathedral are just some of the outlandish wedding cakes baked by family-run Le Novelle Cake in Indonesia.

The castle cakes are made with Styrofoam that is then covered with fondant icing and decorated with sugar paste flowers - making the outside entirely edible. Some are lit up with lights.

It takes three weeks to one month to make a large cake and up to 15 people will be decorating a cake at any one time.

Prices start at £4,000 but one cake encrusted with 100 diamond rings was priced at more than £400,000.

Tiffany Riyadi, whose mum Susanti Sunardjie founded the business with her husband Ricky Riyadi, said each cake usually takes one month to complete, with the most complicated one to date taking roughly 9,200 hours to finish and five trucks to move it.

Check out their amazing creations below :

(Daily Mail)