Apr 02, 2017

‘Kolapath Dodol’ (Video)

‘Dodol’ is a local sweetmeat which is much loved by Sri Lankans. 
Usually, this sweetmeat is sold as pieces cut out from the trays they are set in. However, at the ‘Sustain Lanka’ exhibition being held at the BMICH, Colombo, an entrepreneur from Avissawella has packaged 'dodol' in a manner, which is not commonly seen these days. However, the practice was once very common in the deep south, especially in the Hambantota area.
This ‘Dodol’ is wrapped from the areca sheath, known as ‘Kolapatha’ in Sinhala. (The areca sheath is the piece of the arecanut or betel nut tree which falls off with its’ dried boughs.Traditionally used in Sri Lanka for wrapping food to preserve them.)

Mr. Asoka from ‘Ruwini Rasakewili’ says that the ‘Kolapatha’ being a natural product, is an environment-friendly wrapping.

In addition to his usual ‘Dodol’ product, Mr. Asoka says they also have an organic version, made out of the ‘Kahawanu’ rice variety and Kithul treacle. Check out how this product is made from the video below :

The exhibition will run until April 04 from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm daily and entrance will be free.
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