Sep 29, 2019

Beijing blossoms for 70th anniversary (Pics)

With October 01 just around the corner, and with parade rehearsals amid high security are done and dusted, Beijing is adding finishing touches to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

In downtown Beijing, huge, colourful floral structures have sprung up in many prominent road junctions. Truckloads of colourful plants are transported to these locations, where they are carefully arranged to fill the designed framework. Some are even set up with lights to illuminate after dusk falls.

In laymen terms of the Chinese, these structures are known as street themed flower beds, and are widely enjoyed by many passersby who pose for photos. But as their signboards indicate, the structures are not just colourful decorations, but include Chinese characteristics including references to history and culture.

The following are several captures of such structures in downtown Beijing.

(Pics : Shanika Jayasekara - reporting from Beijing)

1Cheekiness : A child poses in front of a floral decoration in front of a government office in downtown Beijing.

2Bright yellow Marigolds piled on a truck to be taken for ‘street themed flower beds in Beijing’. 3Workers installing a floral decoration in front of the military museum in Beijing.

4A worker cleaning up the installation site.

5A ‘street themed flower bed’ completed to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

6jpgA young man looks at decorations done ahead of anniversary celebrations which will be held on Oct. 01.

770th anniversary celebrations

8A floral installation in Xidan, Beijing, portraying the technological creations of China.

8 1The structures are popular among pedestrians and most of them stopping for a photo or two.

9In some flower beds, sprinklers are set off to hydrate and cool down the plants against the fiery heat.

11However, some are watered manually, like this worker who does it the old fashioned way.

11A sea of colour

13The creations portray different themes. For example, this one portrays the richness of the silk road related civilization. The ancient silk road commenced from Xian, which is symbolized by the famous grey goose pagoda in the middle. 14Children from around the world joining hands together, symbolizing different nations coming together to create a joint future. 15More seas of colour 16The multicoloured flora and fauna creates a sea of colour. 15Remembering one’s origins and purpose : this creation features symbols of the Communist Party of China, such as the South Lake Red Ship, and the Yan’an pagoda. 15Featuring the famous Macau bridge, the themes of this creation are Spring and new beginnings. 15A call to rally around Chinese president Xi Jinping 15Some structures are built in with lights to illuminate them when dusk falls. 15Age is just a number : Not being outdone by youngsters, these senior citizens seem to having a colourful evening out, as they pose in front of the illuminated floral structures.