Aug 01, 2019

Why are the Kalpitiya donkeys facing extinction? Featured

The number of donkeys in Kalpitiya is fast declining, according to residents. The donkeys are unique to the Kalpitiya and Puttalam areas and in the past people had tamed these animals and used them to transport goods. However, with the development of the transport sector, people lost their interest in donkeys, a resident claimed.

However, as the donkeys sound helps to destroy a bug which destroys the coconut cultivations, many coconut estate owners are using donkeys to keep their crops safe.

As a result the donkey population had increased, but since of late the number of donkeys are said to be fast declining.

It is said that much of the grazing grounds of the donkeys has been used up by businessmen for the production of salt and prawn farms, which has reduced the food sources for the donkeys leading to them dying of starvation.

The donkeys are also dying by consuming the polythene and other harmful garbage discarded by the growing population in the Kalpitiya town. The increase in vehicular movement and the donkeys being run over by vehicles
has also led to their decline. 

(Pics by Priyankara Kalupahana)