Dec 12, 2016

Cyclone Vardah : 2 flights diverted to BIA

Two flights scheduled to land at Chennai Airport had been diverted to Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) this morning (12) due to the impact of cyclone ‘Vardah’ in Chennai.

One Emirates and one Srilankan flight were redirected in this manner.

The Emirates flight had been on its way to Chennai from Dubai while the Srilankan flight was travelling from Colombo to Chennai when they were diverted.

Fishermen warned

Meanwhile, the Meteorology Department warned to refrain from engaging in naval and fishing activities in the Northern, North-eastern and Gulf of Mannar sea areas do the the Vardah cyclone.

“Due to the influence of the cyclone, strong winds about 100-120 kmph, rough seas and heavy showers are expected within 200-300 away from Kankasanturai. Sea conditions are not suitable for fishing and naval activities and it is very risky and dangerous,” it said.

Preventive action

Cyclone Vardha is likely to make an early landfall at Chennai on today.

In the wake of torrential rains and gusty winds, Chennai port has taken preventive action and has sent all the ships out of port. "The action is taken to prevent damage to the ship as well as the port," reports quoting a Chennai Port source.