Dec 10, 2016

Traffic fines to increase in Kuwait?

The traffic accidents in Kuwait have increased dramatically over the past few months resulting in the loss of many lives, foreign media reported Over the past 11 months 355 persons had lost their lives due to road accidents.

According to the Kuwait information and statistics reports, over 4,000 persons have sustained injuries due to road accidents.

Of this figure the majority of the injured have been rendered disabled as a result of the accidents.

According to a report published by Al Kubas, the number of road accidents reported in 2015 was a mere 425.

The number of death due to road accidents recorded in January this year was 47, February 43, March 32, April 30 and November 32.

It is reported that the main reasons for the rise in road related accidents is high speed driving, flouting of road rules and overtaking incorrectly.