Nov 24, 2016

Motorcyclists call to reconsider minimum fine

The All Ceylon Motorcycle Owners Union has requested President Maithripala Sirisena to reconsider the minimum fine for traffic offences which was proposed to be increased to 25,000 rupees.

In a letter to the Head of State, the association said it is not practical to impose the fine on offences such as speeding and overtaking a vehicle from the left side.

The association is of the stance that it is unfair to implement such laws due to the improper representation of speed limit signs.

The letter directed to the President said motorists could face injustices due to the actions of police officers.

The All Ceylon Motorcycle Owners Union said it is fair to impose fines on certain traffic offences which will minimise road accidents.

The government announced that it has decided to increase the minimum fine for seven traffic offences to 25,000 rupees.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance said a 25,000 rupee fine will be imposed for persons driving under the influence, driving a vehicle without a valid driving licence, aiding a person to drive a vehicle without a valid licence, speeding, overtaking a vehicle from the left, reckless driving at railway crossings and driving without a valid insurance certificate.


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