Oct 14, 2017

Take over Constitutional Amendment – Wimal proposes to Maithri

The stance of the National Freedom Front (NFF) is that if the President takes over the Constitutional Amendment operations, it would help to create some faith among the Sinhala Buddhists, it is said.

The NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa had implied this during the meeting his party had with President Maithripala Sirisena on October 11, according to political sources.

The meeting which was held at the President’s Official Residence was attended by the NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa and members of the party’s political bureau and State Minister Dilan Perera and Deputy Leader Lasantha Alagiyawanna, representing the SLFP.

During the meeting views were being discussed with the President regarding the New Constitution Steering Committee report and several other matters.

During this meeting the NFF had handed over a letter to the President regarding three main topics, while Dilan Perera had said most of the points in that letter had been included in the set of proposals presented by the SLFP.

Meanwhile, the fact that the NFF delegation did not oppose the devolution of power had been a sign of relief to the SLFP representatives.

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