Aug 10, 2017

Minister Ravi becomes MP

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ravi Karunanayake resigned from his ministerial portfolio, having faced allegations regarding the Treasury bond scam, after delivering a statement in Parliament today (10).

He said that he has lost his personal money due to politics but he has never earned money from politics, adding that even Lalith Athulathmudali who brought him to politics was branded as one who swallowed ships, even though he had done a great service for the country. Karunanayake said he was a well established businessman at the time he entered politics and had spent his personal wealth on his political activities.

Karunanayake stated that he made the decision to resign with pride and not with any sadness. He said this decision was taken to create a new political culture and for his supporters and the country.

“History and time will determine my place,” said announcing his resignation.

Having tendered his resignation, Karunanayake took his seat as a back bencher of the party.