Mar 03, 2021

Residents oppose Covid-19 burials at Iranativu! Featured

Residents of Iranathivu island are planning to hold a protest demonstration today (03) against the government's decision to bury remains of the Covid-19 deceased in the island, the 'Mawrata' newspaper reports.

Islanders have strongly protested against this decision in a backdrop where they are currently facing no threat from Covid-19 in the island. Iranativu residents only returned to the island in 2017 after enduring much hardship during the war.

Around 165 families have been resettled on the island. Islanders raise concerns on the island's water being contaminated by the virus due to burials.

Islanders say that they have organised a protest today and have also planned to complain of this to the Human Rights Council of Sri Lanka.

(Source - Mawrata)