Sep 26, 2020

Govt. adds 4 amendments to 20

It is reported that the government is preparing to present four major amendments to the 20th Amendment to the Constitution  presented to Parliament during the Committee Stage.

One of the major amendments is the oath containing the 7th Schedule of the constitution pertaining to the oath regarding the unitary nature of state which was not originally included in the 20th amendment.
It is said that a new clause will be included into the Constitution stating that the number of members of the Election Commission will be three and the new quorum will be two members.

It is reported that a new amendment will be added to recognize the right to information as a fundamental right.

The amendment will make changes to the period when the President will have the power to dissolve the parliament once it is elected.

The draft 20th amendment bill allows the President to dissolve the Parliament after one year of its election.

This is because a number of powerful groups of the government have stated that the period should be two and half years, not one year.

It is said that an amendment to the other clauses has not been discussed so far.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has told the Cabinet and a group of government parliamentarians that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution should be repealed first, as he had promised to the people at the last Presidential and General Elections.

The President has stated that his only objective is to fulfill the aspirations of the people as the government has given a 2/3 mandate by the people of the country.