Aug 10, 2020

No obstacle for 'Choka Malli' to be sworn in as MP!

The Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dasanayake has stated that there will be no legal issue for Premalal Jayasekera alias 'Choka Malli' to be sworn in as a Parliamentarian.

Jayasekera and two others received a death sentence by the Ratnapura High Court recently, for gunning down a person and critically injuring two others during the 2015 Presidential Election campaign.

The Secretary General of Parliament said that Jayasekera's name was among the names of those elected to parliament, which was included in the gazette notification issued by the Elections Commission last Friday.

If Jayasekera's lawyers informed Parliament about the appeal filed by their client against the court ruling, he will be allowed to swear in as a MP, Dasanayake stated.