Feb 14, 2017

Politico's love roses go up in smoke

Two consignments of roses imported for the Valentine Day from Thailand and India had been confiscated at the Bandaranaike International Airport at Katunayake by National Plant Quarantine Service on Saturday (11), sources there said yesterday.

There were 53 kilos of roses in one consignment while the other had 2,000 flowers, the sources said.

The airport authorities suspect that the two consignments had been imported by a politician.

When the authorities questioned the person who came to the airport to clear the two consignments, he contacted a politician over the phone, sources said.

Two consignments might have insects and other organisms alien to the country therefore they would be destroyed, the sources said.

Authorities said that the two consignments were scheduled to be burnt yesterday evening.

- Norman Palihawadane
(The Island)