Feb 27, 2020

SL crew of Diamond Princess to return after quarantine in Haryana

A special Air India flight carrying 119 Indians and five nationals from Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru, who were on board the coronavirus-hit quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess, landed in New Delhi this morning Indian media reported.

India thanked Japanese authorities for facilitating the evacuation of people.

In a Tweet, prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has thanked Indian authorities for facilitating the evacuation of the two Sri Lankans.

Meanwhile, a media release by the ministry of Foreign Relations in Colombo states that according to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan, the evacuated two Sri Lankans are in good health.

Noting that a total of 124 crew who were on board the cruise ship have been evacuated and will undergo a quarantine period in the Army facility in Haryana, India, the media release adds that Sri Lankans will return to Colombo once the quarantine procedure in India is completed.