Nov 23, 2018

Will show 113 is Ranil is appointed PM - Sajith

UNP MP Sajith Premadasa says that they would demonstrate the parliament majority vote of 113 if a vote is sought after appointing Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe as PM.

Speaking at a media briefing at the parliament complex today (23), MP Premadasa said that those who were raising their voices as heros had backed off even without casting their vote in parliament.

He charged that an illegal government was currently in place.

Upon being asked how the country could overcome the prevailing crisis, MP Premadasa said that the solution was quite simple. First, the illegal government lacking the parliament majority should resign and then a PM with the majority backing should be appointed, he said.

Won't throw in the towel

Meanwhile, MPs on government MPs insisted that they will not throw in the towel and will continue to operate all state institutions.

Speaking to media after walking out of parliament, minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the Government will not accept the ruling of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya taken in Parliament on the cabinet.